I’ll sea you Zen

We once visited a famous, ancient garden in Kyoto, Japan.  It only consists of a small courtyard with fifteen rocks, set on little patches of moss, surrounded by carefully raked gravel.  Every day, hundreds of visitors come just to sit, in quiet contemplation, looking at the rocks.  Some, like me, try to work out the…

Burleigh Heads

A short drive north from Surfers Paradise will land you right in the middle of theme parks with roller coasters, artificial wave pools and people dressed to look like movie stars. A short drive south, and you find yourself in part of the coast that time seems to have passed by – Burleigh Heads. We went south.

Dining out – Cairns

Have you ever chosen a place to eat based on the number of people at the tables?…..We pick one with a great view. “Sorry sir, do you have a reservation?”