Seeing more in Whistler – Canada

You know a movie is really good if you can watch it more than once and still discover new twists in the plot.  Whistler Mountain is a bit like that.  I’m not talking about the village here – that’s just a spot on a map where lots of people gather from time to time.  I’m talking about the mountain itself.

Layers of Niagara

Come see the waters

Crashing down becoming mist

Flowing to the sea.

I’ve never written a Haiku poem before.  We’ve never been to Niagara Falls before.  Both are more complex than they seem.

Montreal to Niagara Falls by Car

Our French is pretty limited, so we ask the hotel guy to book us a cab to the car rental depot.  He orders a cab to the airport instead, because “Personne n’est assez stupide pour conduire de Montréal à Niagara Falls!” (literally “nobody is stupid enough to drive from Montreal to Niagara Falls!”)