Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure – Day 2

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure – Day 2
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

8 April 2013

What better way to deal with jet lag than a short shopping trip – to the US. Smooth start to the day, David escapes to work, Kai escapes to Denise’s house and the remaining three all jump into the Dodge for the short jaunt to Bellingham. Then we hit the border. The electronic sign indicates a half hour wait at both crossing points. No worries, we’ll just sing some camping songs in the car until we get to the front and breeze through immigration. Ha! We get to the checkpoint as predicted – all sweet. Then … we go inside to finalise some formalities. Unfortunately a memo seems to have been circulated that everyone going to the States today, or at least all of the people in front of us in the line, must have extremely complex or suspicious stories to tell the officials. Anyways, two hours after we reach the border we enter the US and roll on down the highway to shopping excitement.

Our enthusiasm seems a little lower so we reach consensus that blood sugar must be a bit low. Four course lunch at the Country Buffet (well one course plus three desserts) and the world seems much brighter. Sufficiently reinforced, we attack JC Penny, Macy’s, Target, a million billion clothes and accessory stores, and then finish off with a visit to Costco. Finally satisfied, we retreat to the car to head home – and get two shocks. The first is that the clouds have (almost) cleared and we see blue sky for the first time since we arrived. The second is we realize we have spent more on buying up cheap vitamins than we did on clothes – oops, when did we get that old?

All very relieved when the reverse trip through the border is a breeze. No cars in the line, and the Canadian border lady asks where we are from, how many dollars worth of goodies we are bringing into the country, and then wishes us a nice day. Now, we just need the Canucks to beat Phoenix in the hockey tonight and all will be well.

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