Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure – Day 9

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure – Day 9
Surrey, Canada

Surrey, Canada

15 April 2013

I never get lost. Sometimes places are not where they should be, but I’m never lost. Kirsty and David had to work today so mum and I decide to venture out on our own. After a short visit to Walmart to collect some household essentials, we jump on the Skytrain to head downtown. The clear day means we get a great view from the train. Oh, that’s right, clear days mean cold wind don’t they? We get off at Waterfront station and head to Canada Place. I promise mum great views of the harbour. The air is cold, mum is cold – “OK, let’s just imagine we saw the harbour.”

Undeterred, I point mum in the direction of the Robson Street shopping strip. OK, the hills are a bit steep, but it will be worth it when we get there! We trudge on, but no Robson Street. I do the unthinkable and ask for directions. The local raises one eyebrow, but confirms we are heading the right way. When we finally reach our destination mum gives me That Look. “Where are these shops you keep telling me about?” “Err – they were here last year!” We discover that a whole block is being redeveloped and the line of shops stretching down the road is just slightly out of our price range. “Look mum – there’s a Luis Vuitton shop over there.” “Hmmm.” “How about Tiffany’s?” “Hmmm.” “Oh look, there’s a Skytrain station. We can head back to Surrey and go to the mall.”

We grab some lunch then head to the station. As we reach the platform there’s a train about to depart so we jump on. I check off each station as it passes, and then we enter an unfamiliar tunnel. “This wasn’t here this morning” says mum. I know that the Canadians work pretty quickly, but even they can’t build a whole tunnel in two hours. “Err – I think we’re on the wrong train.” We enjoy seeing new places but agree that maybe it’s best to get off at the next station. We find that the line split one station back so it’s an easy fix. I can’t understand how the mistake happened, especially when I had asked a local “Isthistheexpolinetrain?” as we all rushed to the train and got a sort of nod in reply.

I redeem myself by driving straight to the mall, navigating the shops, and being very patient while mum does that special type of shopping that ladies on holidays seem to enjoy. Now, we just have to collect Kai from Kirsty’s friend “D”, and then get Kirsty from work. I confidently head out from the mall, regaling mum with the virtues of a system where streets and avenues are numbered. We’re on the right street, now we just need to find the house. There! That one with the big hedge. We pull up and I head to the door. Doorbell – no answer. Knock – no answer. “Err – I’m not sure that D’s house was that close to that main road last time I was here. Maybe we have the wrong house.” A couple of phone calls (which route via Australia) and I have confirmation that D lives near the school – about four blocks further along the road. We beat a hasty retreat, successfully collect Kai and navigate without a hitch to Langley to get Kirsty.

The day is still crisp and clear when we leave Langley so Kirsty suggests we finish up with a visit to Bear Creek Park. “Great idea. Where is it?” “Err, I’m not sure.”

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