Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure – Day 3

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure – Day 3
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

9 April 2013

Kirsty has a run of appointments today so the morning sees mum and I relaxing on the couch looking out at the cold November rain that just happens to be falling in April. What to do, what to do? Well, when the going gets tough the tough go shopping (again).

Kirsty joins us for a quick jaunt to Langley for lunch then the two intrepid explorers head to King George skytrain station. Some debate ensues about whether we both qualify for the discounted concession tickets for ‘senior’ travelers, which could mean a potential saving of $1.25 each, then we are on our way.

We arrive at the mega shopping mall Metropolis at Metrotown and panic sets in. We forgot the GPS! This place is about five thousand times bigger than anything we have seen in Toowoomba. We could easily get lost. Mum searches in her purse for some left over vegemite toast to use to make a breadcrumb trail but alas, we ate the last of it on the skytrain. We come up with a plan to scratch a mark on the door of every fifth high end clothes shop we pass and head off.

Shop after shop, clothes rack after clothes rack and we are getting tired. We stumble across a food court the size of New Zealand and recharge with an emergency Tim Horton’s coffee. Rejuvenated, we decide to change the pace and head to the T&T Asian supermarket. Crikey, we ain’t in Highfields now! Mum can’t decide whether she would prefer the durian, goat (with bone in), or freeze dried jellyfish. We settle for a couple of pounds (yep – no kilos here) of longons and head for the check-out. A short rest and a bit of people watching is needed before bracing ourselves for the blizzard-like conditions of the covered walkway between the mall and the skytrain station. Back on the train, we feel a little smug about having braved the wilds of the Canadian shops on such a dismal day. Then – our heated train carriage glides past a group of baseball fields. Not only are the little kiddies out playing in the drizzle, their devoted parents are standing there watching. Gotta love Canada.

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