Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure- Day 10

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure- Day 10
Steveston, Canada

Steveston, Canada

16 April 2013

We wake to the sort of weather that only occurs a day or so before you have to leave a place. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky and they’re predicting a high of at least 13 degrees. Kirsty has taken today and tomorrow off and suggests we take a day trip to a little fishing village near Vancouver airport.

The drive follows much of the same route mum and I took to the ferry terminal a few days ago so I have a strange feeling of déjà vu. The feeling gets even stronger as we pull into the little village of Steveston. I see an old lady giving away apples in the street and ask if we have met before. She tells me I’m just imagining things and walks away. It all finally becomes clear when we drop into one of the local shops. Steveston is also known as “Storybrooke” – it’s the setting where the popular TV series “Once Upon a Time” is filmed. The lady at the store tells us that tourists regularly ask her where Mr Gold’s shop is, and gives us a pamphlet of the local sites that are transformed when filming is underway.

After our brief brush with tinsel town, we decide to head to the nearby waterfront to check out the deep sea fishing fleet, and the wide array of eateries along the boardwalk. Before we get there, mum is mysteriously drawn into one of the passing doorways. I look up and see that dreaded sign – “Souvenirs here”. Oh no, déjà vu again! Fortunately, mum is quite strong and resists the urge to buy a tee shirt covered in maple leaves and bears with fishing rods. We get to the boardwalk and can’t choose between the fried halibut with chips or the seafood chowder. OK, two course lunch it is.

Tummies full, we amble back to the car and head to a playground we saw on the way into town. Kirsty and Kai plunge into the sea of kids and mum and I sit on a nearby seat in the sun. I’m not quite game to doze off within the confines of Steveston/Storybrooke, so I spend the time trying to guess which child, mother and grandmother go together in the cosmopolitan crowd around the park. My score is approaching seven out of ten when Kirsty returns and it’s time to reboard the Dodge for the trip home.

As I write this, mum and I are relaxing on the couch and recharging. We are heading to David’s parents’ house tonight for a family dinner to celebrate our visit and Kai’s (almost) birthday. This will be a great way to end our Canadian adventure. Tomorrow will be mostly devoted to domestic chores and trying to work out how to pack all those extra bits and pieces into our poor suitcases before we start for home tomorrow evening.

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