Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure – Day 7

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure – Day 7
Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada

13 April 2013

We can’t head to Whistler until after lunch, so the morning is free. What to do? The vote is tied at 1:3 between shopping and a short local excursion. The issue is finally decided using the proven rock, paper, scissors method and we pile into the car. A short time later, we arrive at White Rock, a popular seaside spot with a view of the mysterious USA across a short stretch of water. The beachside tourist strip is deserted, but the locals assure us it will be packed with eager sun seekers on both days of the Canadian summer. We stroll out onto the pier for the obligatory “we were here” photo, and then head down to the beach. Mum comments that the sand seems a bit course here – well sort of pebble-ish actually. We briefly contemplate a quick dip, but then a seagull dives after a fish and bounces off the frozen wave crest. “OK. Let’s find the tea rooms.”

Back home, lunch, then it’s finally time to head to Whistler. The car is loaded with people, bags, and a selection of breakfast cereals for the pensioners. One last stop at a Tim Horton’s drive thru for coffee, donuts and a pack of Tim Bits (you might like to google that) and we’re on our way. All is well. The drive winds along past vistas of bays and islands on one side, and pine covered mountains on the other. Kai has fallen asleep so all is calm. We pass through Squamish and the mountains start to look like chocolate angel cakes dusted with icing sugar (and trees). British Columbia is a beautiful part of the world.

We arrive, check into our hotel, and then decide to look around the village before the evening gets too cold. Then it happens. That dread moment when the nearly three year old looks up at his daddy and says “my tummy hurts.” Kai is definitely looking pale, and is quite listless. We start to weigh up the terrible moral question – “Do mum and I stay here if David and Kirsty have to take Kai home?” Fortunately, we decide that, since it’s now 7:00PM, we should try to grab some dinner before making any big decisions. We head to the Old Spaghetti Factory and get seated right away. The entrees come, and Kai has a nibble of David’s salad. Then he has a bite. Then he proceeds to eat the whole plateful. Then he eats half of Kirsty’s meal and starts to look meaningly at the waiter carrying the leftovers away from the next table. The boy was hungry! We know that he ate a good lunch before we left, but who can predict the vagaries of a toddler?

We leave the eatery and mingle with the endless throngs of twenty somethings who have come to Whistler for the concert by Nas, one of those rappers who wears his hat backwards and half sings some unintelligible lines. The crowd looks pumped but we have had enough excitement for one day.

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