Grace and Lamond’s Canadian Adventure – Day 4

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure – Day 4
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

10 April 2013

We seemed to suffer from equipment failures all day today. It’s not that things didn’t work, it’s just that everything we seemed to need was somewhere else when we needed it.

The day started out wet and cold. Kirsty needs to head downtown early so we all pile into the Dodge, trusty umbrellas in hand, with plans to do some (mainly) in-car sightseeing. All goes according to plan until we approach Stanley Park, a place renowned for the lovely waterfront views. Then the unthinkable happens – the rain stops! Aha! Now we can all get out and look at these views from the walkways. Visitors – “Hey, what’s that chill in the air?” Kirsty – “It’s Vancouver. The spring rain only clears when the wind is strong enough.”

Fortunately, we brought some really warm coats and hats from Australia. Unfortunately, those warm coats and hats are currently an hour away back at Kirsty’s place. No biggie, we’ll just put Kai in the stroller and tough it out. Stroller? “Uh – well – we took it out of the car when we picked you up from the airport. It’s back home in the garage.” Now anyone who has carried a three year old for more than five minutes will understand the ominous meaning of those words.

The good news is that, being the resourceful adventurers we are, we finish our exploration of Stanley Park and kick in the emergency plan when we head to Granville Island. “Hello – David? How would you like to meet us for lunch at Granville Island?” (Time passes. David arrives by foot from his workplace nearby). “Hi David. Kai’s looking tired. Maybe you could carry him for a while.”

We all enjoy lunch, David heads back to work, and mum and I head to the tourist markets while Kirsty and Kai look at the Kid’s market – as they say, everyone kicks a goal. Everyone, young and old, still seems to have some zing left so we decide to head to Queen Elizabeth Park to look at the gardens and the tropical conservatory. Good move. The cherry trees are in bloom and look spectacular. The sky is now completely clear and mum gets her first real look at the mountains we swore and promised were just beyond the clouds and mist that has been surrounding the city. We enjoy looking at the exotic birds in the conservatory, including some kind of rare parrot, called a Bud Jerry Gar, from the other side of the world.

When we leave the heated conservatory for one more look at the views before we head home we realise that the air outside is still as cold as before, and the wind is just as strong. At least we have our umbrellas.

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