Preparing for lift-off Toowoomba

Day 0 – Friday 14 June
Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba, Australia

Due to overwhelming popular demand (well mum asked me) I will once again be blogging our adventures away from the Land of Oz. I’m not sure how regular these epistles will be, but should be at least every couple of days.

We don’t actually leave until tomorrow, so this is day zero.

There are two styles of packing in our house. Nanette thinks through things like where we are going, what the weather will be like, how long it will be between washes, and then picks appropriate coordinated clothes. This means she packs her case, looks at the excess, culls, repacks, culls again, and is finally satisfied.

I have a much more scientific method whereby items are checked off my mental list in order of priority. Passports – Check. Credit card – Check. MacBook, iPhone, iPad, headphones – Check. Charges for all of these – Check. Hmm, need some clothes. Grab a couple of shirts and a second pair of jeans – Check. Still doesn’t look right. Ah, better grab a spare pair of undies if we’re heading off for five weeks. Done!

So, packing is pretty well completed. Now all that is left is to mow the lawn, tidy the house, cancel the newspaper, fuel up the car, book some parking and we are ready to hit the road first thing tomorrow morning. Breakfast in Toowoomba, lunch in Brisbane, dinner on a plane, bed in Bangkok. No worries.

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