Some like it hot – Canada

Some like it hot
Surrey, Canada

Surrey, Canada

It’s hot. Not the heat of an Australian summer, where the sun scorches your skin in an instant and the pavement melts and sticks to your shoes. It’s the kind of heat that creeps around and makes everything stick and cling in all the wrong places. Surrey is not very far inland, but far enough for those Arctic winds that kept finding us on The Island to give up hope and go back to their mommies.

We’re on Kai duty again today. I have dropped David and Kirsty at train and workplace respectively, and we’re free to make our own fun. There’s a really nice looking golf course beside the road to Langley, where Kirsty works. I toy with the idea that Nanette and Kai would just love to spend a few hours traipsing around with me, admiring my prowess with the one iron and looking for lost balls. I remember that my clubs are tucked up in their little beds back in Australia. Another brilliant plan is reluctantly shelved for “next time”.

Nanette and Kai get engrossed in a game that involves a lot of running around chasing imaginary bad guys with long pointy objects. That’s way too much effort on a hot day. Maybe I’ll go and get another job cleared off the endless list. Kirsty “mentioned” earlier that the cover on Kai’s car seat is “a bit dirty”, and has cunningly used the magic words – “Don’t worry if you can’t work out how to get it off.” What an obvious challenge!

Those of you who are blessed with young children will have pictures in your mind at this point. Let’s just say that kids car seats are like alien life forms that feed on bits of food, toys, and a collection of little lumpy objects that nobody remembers bringing into the car. Let’s also say – if you get asked to wash a kid’s car seat cover – run!

…. It’s soon lunchtime and the day is getting hotter. The guy on the radio cheerfully announces “it’s going to reach the mid thirties today. We all know the weather will turn really bad in a couple of weeks. At least we’ll all be able to look back on that great week in July.” What kind of country makes a week of hot weather into a national treasure? Anyways, what to do for lunch? Kai announces he wants a happy meal. We know that McDonalds is bad for you. But – McDonalds is air-conditioned. And – McDonalds has an indoor playground. Hmm – maybe it’s healthy after all.


This is not cool!

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