Being useful – Surrey Canada

Being useful
Surrey, Canada

Surrey, Canada

I get all the really important jobs. It’s Saturday and Baby XX has decided it’s time to come and see what all the fuss is about. The midwife has arrived to check on Kirsty so, being the sociable soul I am, I try to engage her in conversation. I’m just halfway through explaining my theory that a midwife’s job is pretty simple, you know, “don’t push, don’t push – OK – Push!” when Kirsty gives me a look that says “I want this woman to be my friend for the next few hours, and you’re not helping Dad.” Nanette directs me to the kitchen to boil some water. I’ve watched a few movies and know that boiling water is a really important job that must be done whenever a baby is on the way, though I’m not quite sure how boiling water here at home will assist at the hospital later. I start to reach for the kettle but get further instructions from the other room – “don’t use the kettle. Use a big pot on the stovetop. And – make sure you keep watching it so it doesn’t burn!”

…. It’s now early evening and time to make the trek to Surrey Memorial. Everyone has their tasks. Kirsty’s job is pretty obvious. David and Nanette will provide moral support. David’s brother Michael is minding Kai, and the two of them are involved in an intense battle of X-Box Skylanders. My job is to be the Runner! As explained to me, this is a very important job that involves keeping out of the way, but remaining on call in case something needs to be fetched from home – ah, now I understand how we get the boiling water to the hospital.

Surprisingly, everything progresses without the need for any assistance from me. Baby Mackenzie arrives in relatively quick time and, when I’m allowed into the room, mother and daughter both look relaxed and radiant. I suspect that there may have been a few steps to get to this point, but hey, it’s all about outcomes isn’t it?

The extended family arrives to greet little Mackenzie, who is passed from one doting face to another. The night becomes a blur of congratulations, photos on cameras and phones, and uploads. Finally, it’s time to let mother and new daughter get some well-earned rest, so Nanette and I head home. My assigned task is to make sure we arrive in the morning with Kai, the baby capsule, and a selection of Tim Hortons coffees and breakfast delights. No problem – I’ll get everyone some of those new breakfast sandwiches on jalapeno buns that they’ve been advertising.

…. It’s morning. We’re all back at home and Kai is showing various toys to his new sister. Despite all the carefully executed preparations, there are a few things needed from the store. No worries! That’s what I do best! Just tell me what you want. “I need a couple of medications and a new nursing pillow.” “Ah – OK – I might just take mom with me.”

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