On the way again

On the way again
Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Do you have any really adventurous things on your bucket list? It’s really hard these days to come up with something original. As soon as someone crosses the Sahara barefoot and only living on scorpion eggs, some other guy does it carrying a camel on his back.

You probably know that Kirsty, Kai and Mackenzie have been visiting for the past few weeks. You may also know Nanette and I do the odd plane flight. So …… how much of a challenge would it be to travel back with them? Oh, and I won’t take Nanette as backup because that would be cheating. Well, I’m writing this about fourteen hours into the combined sixteen hours or so in the air. There’s a small boy sleeping on the seat next to me, a baby asleep in the basinet and their mommy dozing close by. What a scene of peace and tranquility.

OK, let’s rewind a bit. I like to pack light. It’s Saturday afternoon and we’re in final prep mode. I have a small pile of assorted socks, jocks and chargers ready for my bag. “You can’t take all that Dad!” Huh? “I need your bag for this extra stuff I’m taking back.” Oh. I watch sadly as my little collection of oddments is reduced to one sock, the chargers, and my shaver. “You can get more stuff in Canada you know.” So I watch forlornly as my small bag is swapped for a larger one, and it is filled with an assortment of toys from Kirsty’s childhood that are being passed to Mackenzie, Aussie confectionary and – what? – about three hundred of those little one piece suits you always seem to see babies wearing. “You can’t get Bonds in Canada. All my mommy friends have put orders in for these!” OK – back to the old formula – smile and nod.

…. It’s now Sunday morning. We have said our goodbyes to Nan and friend Murray has driven us to Brisbane airport. We roll up to the check in kiosk with three huge bags, multiple carry ons, a stroller and two young kids. “Would you like to self check in Sir?” Yeah – right. I explain we just may need a little help. “We’re all travelling together but we’re on two bookings. Also, these three all have the same name but one is Australian and the others are Canadian. Oh, and yes my name is different.” It takes two very helpful Air NZ ladies to sort us out and get us all seated together in the bulkhead row, but eventually it’s all fixed and we feel relief as the bags and stroller disappear down the chute. That’s when I get introduced to the term “poosplosion”. Mackenzie does what babies do and wipes out her outfit. No worries. We have three hundred bond suits. Er – they’re all in the big bags that just went down that chute. And so it starts.

I’m sitting here with a little boy dozing, a sleeping baby and a mommy at peace. It’s all gone remarkably well so I wonder what all


The upgrade on the first sector was nice

the fuss was about. Next time I might carry a camel.

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