Greased lightning – Mykonos


Greased lightning
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

If you get asked the old trivia question “what’s the capital of Greece?” the correct answer used to be “about five dollars”. Good news! We’ve changed that!

It’s Thursday, or maybe Wednesday or Friday – we’re not really sure. When we pulled open the curtains this morning our floating hotel had come to rest somewhere new. For the oldies among you, it’s something like being adrift on the Land of Green Ginger. We’re in Mykonos!

We had a quiet day at sea yesterday and plan to just walk around on our own for a while this morning. After the hurley burley of the organised tours, it’s great to do something at our own pace. Our first impressions of the place are of little white houses squatting in the heat on barren rocky hills. A guy told us that Mykonos used to be one of the poorest parts of Greece, until someone realised that you can make money from crystal clear water lapping hot beaches. Over time, the little houses where the fishermen lived around the bay morphed into accommodation units, bars, and of course – tourist shops.

We have heard there is a really good tourist shop run by a guy named Nick, but we’re not quite sure where it is. We ask one of the friendly locals. “Nick? Of course. He’s my cousin. Just head up the hill and look for the white house with the blue door.” We never did find Nick’s house, but it was great fun exploring the little streets that climbed up the hillside from the town. The streets are narrow and winding, and all the houses look the same, but there’s no risk of getting lost as the locals are always happy to give us directions. “Just head down the hill past my uncle Nick’s house, then turn left towards my son Nick’s bakery, and take two more turns. If you get lost, don’t worry – they put the sea at the bottom of the hill.”

Now, about that Greek capital thing. Well, let’s just say that the capital of Mykonos is greatly improved following our visit. Ok, let’s go save Turkey.

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