All at Sea


All at Sea
Adriatic Sea, Croatia

Adriatic Sea, Croatia

We don’t usually go to art auctions, but we did today. It’s one of those “sea days” when the ship is sailing along and there is nothing to look at but the horizon and the occasional piece of wave tossed styrofoam.

We’ve wandered in and out of the on-board art gallery a few times, and saw some pieces we really liked. The helpful young lady says that prices will probably start as low as one hundred dollars so, much to our surprise, we’re sitting here with our very own bidding number. Nanette has suggested we might have to go as high as two hundred dollars to snag a good piece, but I’m worried it could go even higher if people get carried away with the holiday mood.

The first piece is a painting we really admired. I’m in a trance as the auctioneer looks me in the eye and says “going once for fifty five thousand, going twice ….” Maybe I blinked, or scratched my nose? “Sold! Sold to number three zero seven.” Whew. We’re two six nine – three zero seven is the unassuming little lady directly behind me.

We don’t usually go to art auctions.


At least we can afford to listen to the quartet – it’s free!

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