Ze final leg – Zurich


Ze final leg
Zürich (Kreis 2) / Wollishofen, Switzerland

Zürich (Kreis 2) / Wollishofen, Switzerland

They say there’s no free lunch. Well there aren’t any cheap ones either if you’re in Switzerland.

We’re on the last leg of the great NRA trip. Tonight we’ll be in Vancouver starting our family time with Kirsty, David and the littlies. We awake to the cheerful sound of the church bell next door to the hotel calling the faithful to mass. In no time we’re up, showered (did you know that no two showers in the world have the same controls?) and off to the breakfast room. The “gutten morgen” as we enter is a surprise. Shouldn’t it be “Buenos Dias” – ah no that was Spain. What was it that they said in Italy yesterday? These language changes really mess with your mind.

Time to repack one more time and hit the road. Our Kevlar reinforced suitcases are protesting, but the zips finally close and the locks are secured. It’s a relatively short walk to the train station. We just have to find Bahnstrassen and turn right. Now – “two tickets for the Flughafen please.” “Of course. First or second class?” Hmm, let me see.

Zurich airport. We’re checked in and the big bags have gone down that mysterious chute behind the counter. Will we see them again in Vancouver? Who knows? There’s just security and we can relax – maybe grab some lunch. The security people seem to be extra vigilant today. All four of the people ahead of us are taken into little booths for “special searches”. When it’s our turn we get a smile and a wave through. While it’s a relief, I can’t help but wonder what it was that triggered the alerts for the other family. What’s worse, we keep bumping into them during the afternoon at various parts of the terminal.

Speaking of airport security, here’s the thing. You can’t bring anything pointy through security (I even moved my stapler to my big bag to be safe.) But, this is Switzerland. So, what’s the top souvenir for sale in the duty free shop? Yep – Swiss army knives with more attachments than Inspector Gadget. Go figure.

Now back to the lunch thing. There’s a thing called the Mac test where you judge the cost of a country by the price of a Big Mac. There’s no Macdonalds here, but they do have Burger King. We haven’t had junk food for weeks so why not grab a burger. The guy in the line in front of me pays with a two hundred Swiss Franc note (about $250). That’s ominous. I’ll just order a burger with small fries. “Ah – say again? What’s that in dollars?” This better taste real good.

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