D Lay – Sydney International Airport

D Lay
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

A wise man once said ” the best thing about airport shops is you don’t have time to visit them.” (Well, actually, I said it, but more about that later.)

It’s 7:30pm on Tuesday night and Nanette and I are eagerly awaiting our meal at a place called Gusto da Giovanni. We’re off to Vancouver tomorrow and have opted for the cheap Brisbane-Sydney-Vancouver option. Ok, so we have to stay at a hotel in Brisbane tonight because the Sydney leg is way early, but hey – the flight’s cheap!

So here we are, sitting at a table, looking out across the river. The waitress has a bit of an accent, and seemed to want to know if we wanted “chow” when we arrived. We were a bit taken aback until we realised she’s just a country girl in a big city. I know that because she said she comes from Roma. I’ve been to Roma heaps of times and reckon Brisbane must look huge to her. “Do you know Bluey Murphy? He’s got a place down Shady Gums Road.” Nope. Apparently she’s from some suburb called Italia.

Anyway, here we are, enjoying our last few moments of peace before we launch off on the hectic check in, security, fly, transfer, rush, check in, security, fly routine at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

……. It’s now 1:30pm on Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting on a seat at Sydney International watching all the people rushing to their respective gates. We are not rushing to a gate. Why not? Well, it goes something like this.

Early morning alarm. Leap from bed, get ourselves showered, dressed and into the car. No time for breakfast but we can grab that at the airport. Fight the traffic – ah, there’s the car park. Nice lady at check in says “all done. Your bags are checked right through. Here’s all the boarding passes. Have a nice flight.” Arrive Sydney. Quick step to the transfer desk because we know our time to get across to the international terminal is tight. Lady at transfer desk drops cryptic comment. “When you get off the bus, don’t forget to check at the Air Canada counter.” Air Canada counter? “Ah, there’s a slight delay to your flight.” “How much?” “Ah, well, about ten hours.”

Like I said, here I am sitting on the seat. Nanette is off somewhere browsing in the shops. It took me about three minutes to scan the duty free and decide the portable hard drives are overpriced, but she’s been gone for hours. I’m not worried because there’s only about fifty shops, and besides, she returns from time to time and deposits mysterious packages in her carry-on bag.

So, I sit here watching other people rushing to their gates and speculate which ones are that Lee family the guy on the loudspeaker is so excited about. Apparently their flight to Roma is closed and offloading procedures have commenced. Wonder if they got stuck in the shops.

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