Stay safe – Surrey Canada

Stay safe
Surrey, Canada

Surrey, Canada

You may have seen the story in the news about the big motorbike chase near here yesterday. Apparently, this bad dude was out rardin his motor sickle when he came to the attention of the local constabulary. Picture a high speed chase through the streets of Surrey (BC, not UK). Sirens wailing, lights flashing and iphones briefly recording as they whiz by.

The bad guy has a brilliant idea and zooms up to the Walmart rooftop car park – right by the spot where I always park. Haha – trapped! But no, our wannabe Evil Knievel races his Harley through the little entrance door, straight down the escalator I ride every other day, and out through the next door into the undercover car park I like to use when it’s raining. They eventually caught the guy, but it has made me wonder.

Ok, so the chances of colliding with a fleeing Hells Angel on the escalator might be small, but it could happen. I think back to our trip to the US the other day. We are in, well, er, Walmart. The ladies are looking in the clothes section. I bought some new socks back in August so I’m pretty well fixed up for new clothes for a while. Might as well wander through the sports gear. Fishing rods, sports shoes, baseballs, Berettas, golf clubs – say what? Berettas? Well no, the nasty looking pistols hanging beside the kids wading pools are actually only replicas that shoot air pellets. But. There’s a case around the next corner overflowing with guns big and small, including a couple of automatic assault rifles that look like leftovers from a Rambo movie. A nice well dressed lady is casually chatting with the sales assistant. “So you feel I should get the 38 calibre?” I feel a bit inadequate and sheepishly ask where they keep the bear repellent spray.

Fast forward to today. The sun is shining and it’s nearly twelve degrees so we’ve decided to take the kids to Maplewood Farm. The “farm” is one of those playground type places that has a selection of wild animals like Tom the horse, and Edna the cow for kids to interact with. The farm is also surprisingly good, and entry only costs $4.68 plus tax if you’re a senior over 55. But, there is a downside. Word has got around on the Mom chat groups that the place is accessible, cheap and lots of fun for the kiddies. The wild farm animals are outnumbered about two to one by an even wilder crowd of one to six year olds. I know I have my bear repellent spray, but I reckon I’d feel safer on the Walmart escalator.

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