That’s what YOU say – Vancouver airport

That’s what YOU say
Surrey, Canada

Surrey, Canada

Sometimes you just have to experience something for yourself to believe it. We’re constantly updated with information but, if you can’t touch and feel it yourself, it isn’t really real. (The exception of course is Facebook. If it’s on Facebook, it must be true).

So, here we are once again at Vancouver International Airport. Unlike most airports of the world, this one provides comfy little chairs set amongst artificial green spaces where you can relax and wait for your flight to be called. An unusual quirk is that arriving passengers are routed along walkways just above these departure rest areas, so you get to watch the newcomers and speculate where they have been. We’re amused that a whole planeload of people are passing by wearing tank tops, tee-shirts and shorts. Obviously Spring Breakers returning from Mexico who were not smart enough to check the weather reports. Boy, are they in for a surprise when they exit the terminal into the freezing cold rain tonight. We, on the other hand, are sensibly dressed in jeans and have warm jackets close at hand in our carry-on bags. Wait a minute, didn’t I just read that Australia is in the middle of a record breaking heat wave? Hmm – might need to buy some board shorts in Sydney.

Then there was that little issue of the GPS. Our flight leaves really late so, by general consensus, it’s agreed Kirsty will drive us to the airport while David stays home and minds the littlies. The airport is actually further from Kirsty’s house than the US border, and traffic is always heavy. No worries, we’ll just plug in the trusty GPS and follow the prompts. “In one hundred meat errs turn left onto 88 Avenue.” Ok, well that’s a bit sooner than we would normally turn, but sure enough, the GPS is right and before we know it we’re merging onto the freeway to the southeast. “In five meat errs turn right onto …” What! Swerve. Beep. Screech. Made it! “Follow … for nine kill omm eaters.” Well, we’ve never been this way before, must be a shortcut. “In fifty meat errs turn right and you have reached your destination.”

We look. Yep, there’s definitely an airport terminal here. Except it’s really teensy weensy, and the only plane in sight is one of those wartime propeller jobs. It’s shrouded in darkness and some shifty looking characters are unloading large unmarked boxes. Stupid GPS! Can’t even get a simple instruction right. Look, it’s right there on the screen – “Vancouver International Airport”. Ahh, wait a minute. Scroll right again? In small brackets – (South Terminal). Time to turn off the machine and just follow those big green signs.

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