All good – Glenelg SA


All good
Glenelg, Australia

Glenelg, Australia

Have you ever had one of those days when everything just seemed to come together?

It’s cold and windy this morning but we have a plan (and we have warm coats). Our little travelling group has just finished a nutritious breakfast of cereal, toast and beverages of choice, all secured at reasonable cost from the supermarket we discovered around the corner from our apartment in Glenelg. What more could four semi-frugal pensioners hope for? Our plan is to drive down generally south of Adelaide and check out some of the local tourist spots. I’ve been here before, and have suggested a few spots that should suit. The plan is simple. Slip down to Hahndorf, quick cup of coffee, maybe check out the Murray River mouth, look at the coast and be back by lunch time.

Ah, Hahndorf. It’s only a short drive to this little town founded by German settlers. I’m driving, and pointing out the various points of interest. A couple of my companions are gazing intently at their i-devices, reading information about the things they might have seen if they looked out the window, but I guess that’s how things go with modern travel. Amazingly, we find a park right in the middle of the town’s main tourist area. “Ok everyone. Plenty of time for a look around and a cuppa before we reboard.” ….. Did I mention that Hahndorf is a really pretty place? Did I mention that there are lovely little shops selling everything from art to gourmet foods? Wow – where did those two hours go? “Everyone been to the toilet? Ok, we’re off to Goolwa.”

Goolwa’s main claim to fame is it’s near the mouth of the mighty Murray River. We can’t pass up the chance to look at the spot where some of the rain that fell on our roof nearly two thousand kilometres away finally re-joins the ocean. It’s still cold and windy but they view’s pretty special, and besides, we can stay in the car and just send Murray out for pictures if it gets too miserable.

Next stop, Victor Harbor. We cruise along the short coastal drive marvelling at the brilliant blue-green seas. What’s that noise? Oh no! Maybe something important has broken under the bonnet of our hire car? Ah, it’s just stomach rumbles. It’s getting late and we’ve forgotten to stop for lunch. Look. That sign says there’s a beach café down this road. We find the café and, surprise surprise, they serve really great fish and chips. Two of us swap out the chips for salad. Two of us don’t. All of us are happy.

Roll forward. We’ve finished the coastal drive to Victor Harbor and swapped the rugged windswept coast for the vineyards of the McLaren Valley. Another short stop and it’s time for home. We take a poll and agree that dinner tonight will consist of apple strudel purchased at Hahndorf, supplemented by cheese, crackers and chocolate. (Well we did have that healthy breakfast didn’t we?) Now all we need is for Australia to win the cricket tonight – and for that little issue with the internet at the unit to be sorted out, and everything will be perfect.

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