I should know better – Toowoomba

I should know better
Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba, Australia

For those of you who asked me to blog this trip – you only have yourselves to blame!

It’s a beautiful clear day. Yesterday’s rain has gone and the world is slowly drying out. Great news! We’re off to Canada tomorrow morning and I just have two things on my agenda today – mow the lawn, and get in a quick nine holes of golf. Oh, and I have to pack, but that only takes five minutes.

Nanette has just finished her morning chai latte and is looking pensive. “What’s up?” “Well, I’m just trying to work out what I’ll need to attack first.” I’m perplexed. As usual, her suitcase is already packed and stacked neatly in the corner, so I’m not quite sure what she has on her To Do list.

“I think I’ll get that last bit of washing done before I clean the floors, then I can check over my suitcase to make sure I’ve packed all the stuff I need.” At this point, the two-word mantra that has sustained me so well over the years should have jumped to my aid. Smile – Nod.

Alas, My mind has been distracted by the beautiful day, so, before I know it, the words in my hindbrain have escaped my lips. “But, the house is clean already. And what about those good friends who are staying here while we’re away? Won’t they clean the floors?”

I get The Look. On my secret 1-10 scale of The Look, this is about a 12. Smile. Nod. Alas – too late. “And – you have to help me pack these cups and plates I promised to take to Kirsty.” I look at the fragile looking pieces of ancient cooked clay, and think about the perils of baggage handling.

Everyone knows that those airport guys can break a pair of socks if they’re not packed right. “Couldn’t we just take her one of our old stoneware sets?” The Look – but only category 6. “You can’t have Hi Tea with stoneware! And besides, I threw those sets out twenty years ago.” I have no idea what Hi Tea is, but assume it’s one of those mysterious female greeting rituals.

… It’s now evening. The lawn has been mown, golf has been played, oh, and I’ve packed. I have even managed to wrap the special crockery in a way that should beat the baggage handlers (though I wonder what the Border Security guys will think), and all is well in the world. Just as well, because it’s a really long flight.


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