Whistle that – Whistler Canada

Whistle that
Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada


The story goes like this. There’s this mountain in Canada called London Mountain. It’s becoming popular with skiers, so some bright sparks decide in the 1960’s to build a ski resort. “Hey”, they say, “if people hear reports of bad weather in London, they won’t come to ski!!” (This assumes that the average skier doesn’t know that their Canadian resort isn’t actually located in London England.)

Aha! A brilliant solution presents itself. Why not rename the mountain! “I know, we can name it after those big ground squirrels over there.” “What? You want to name the resort Hoary Marmotville?” “Nah, let’s just call it Whistler, you know, like the noise they make.” This is a true story – bit of a shame really, because it would have been fun to see them sort out having the 2010 winter Olympics in London, Canada, and the 2012 summer Olympics in London, England.

Anyway, Nanette and I in Whistler for a few days R&R while the family are on a camping weekend. It’s not that we don’t like getting up close and personal with nature, it’s more a case of been there, done that, now show me the resort with the swimming pools and restaurant.

Time to reflect on the highs and lows of the day.

High – just had the best experience we’ve ever had at a car rental place. The guy was professional and friendly, we didn’t get loaded with all those extra costs that seem to magically appear, and we’ve been given a sleek looking Dodge Charger instead of the boring car we ordered.

Low – the car doesn’t have a cassette player. Looks like we’ll just have to make do with AM, FM, satellite radio and something called phone sinking.

High – beautiful drive along the sea to sky highway. A few little issues with other drivers getting irate – how was I supposed to know the left lane is the fast lane, and Canadian speed signs are just general suggestions.

High – our hotel is great and close to everything. And, it was no problem for the little Aussie sheilas at the reception desk to check out and book bear watching tours for tomorrow. Bet you wouldn’t get that in the other London.

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