The Great Disappearing Act – Toowoomba

They say good women are hard to find.  So are keys, jackets, placemats and glasses.

This is a sort of test post for my new blog platform before we blast off on our seven-week escapade next Tuesday.  A few of you may relate to the little pre-launch glitches.

As you may know, we’ve been to the US and Canada before – but – we’ve never been to the eastern side – and – we’ve never travelled with these particular friends.  For the sake of the blog I’ll call them Wayne and Cathy.  Not really a problem.  We’ve done quite a few trips with other family and friends, and never had any mishaps (that is if you don’t count that time we left someone behind on a Paris metro platform, oh, and maybe the time we left someone locked in the car on a ferry off Scotland) – well, nearly no mishaps.

The logistics of this trip are a little complicated, including legs on planes, trains, automobiles and ships, but I know it will all run like clockwork.  I know, because every step has been meticulously planned and re-planned by our home-grown consultants Nanette and Cathy. “So, the plane gets into New York at 11:57pm.  It should take fifty-seven minutes to collect our bags, clear immigration, jump in a taxi and reach the hotel.  That means we’ll be right to leave for the ……”

So, if everything’s so well planned, why has there been just that slightest hint of tension for the past week or so?  Well, as usual, it’s my fault.  First, there was the issue with the GPS.  It goes something like this.  “Do we need to hire a GPS when we get the car in Montreal?”  “Nah, she’ll be right.”  “But you have to get us all the way to Niagara Falls.  Won’t that be a bit tricky?”  “Nah, it can’t be that hard to find the highway.  Then all we have to do is find some way to bypass Toronto then we can follow all the tourist buses.  Besides, we can use Google maps if we get stuck.”  I can see she’s not convinced, and hope she isn’t thinking, as I am, that Google maps might put a strain on my 1Mb per day travel data plan, but hey, what can go wrong?

Then, there’s packing.  I usually pack the night before we leave, but this time I’ve been sucked into packing early.  We’re packing together – well actually, I’m packing, and she’s fine tuning the third repack.  We know things are going to be tight because “trunk” space for the car trip mentioned above limits each adult to one medium size suitcase. As expected, I get that loaded question – “Do you think I need this outfit?”  I know there is no correct answer.  “Not sure, what do you think?” “Well, if we end up near a theatre, and there’s something special we want to go and see, I’ll need to have …..”  We move on, and I’m feeling a bit smug about my neat little pile of essentials. Then. “Hey, have you seen my jacket?”  Yep, it was me.  I can’t find that special superlight jacket that fits so well into my carry on. “Where did you have it last?”  “If I knew that, I’d ……”

Anyways, it’s still a couple of days until lift off.  All is going smoothly again.  I still haven’t found my jacket, but I’m pretty relaxed because I know that everything else is so well planned that nothing could possibly go wrong.


Tick Tock


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