You gonna eat that? – US and Canada

I always feel that a place is truly defined by its food because, in the words of Cesar Chavez, “the people who give you their food, give you their heart.”  Maybe that’s the reason why TV shows and blogs about the food people experience during their travels are so popular.

That got me wondering what sort of picture a series of food vignettes from this trip might paint.  Well, here goes.

Flying across the Pacific on Air New Zealand – Tempting smells waft back from the galley.  It’s late and we should sleep, but it smells sooo good.  Trolley rattles up the aisle.  “Chicken curry or Mongolian beef sir?” – Next day.  United Airlines from San Francisco to New York.  “Would you like to purchase a snack?”

New York –  Breaking free from the crazy mad sidewalk rush to buy a mega-pretzel from a street vendor.  Hmm, not quite as we expected, soft, doughy, but ok. – Morning.  The guys at our little diner know us now and let us in early so they can make us breakfast before our cab arrives. Crispy bacon, eggs over easy, fried potatoes, juice, coffee.

Boston – Where to find breakfast on a quiet Sunday morning?  Let’s just sit in the bagel shop, looking across the deserted streets to the spot where the tea party conspirators met all those years ago.

Cruising New England –  Banqueting on Maine lobsters, on a Dutch boat that’s based in the US, cooked and served by a crew from the Philippines.  And, so many desserts to choose from!

Prince Edward Island –  Cruising along in a mini-van, chewing on some kind of smoked fish our guide Wonda bought from his friend’s little shop.  It smells bad and tastes, um, fishy, but it’s special to this region and he’s so excited to buy it for us.

Montreal –  Swapping experiences with some friendly Americans in the little breakfast salon while our host cooks eggs, one plate at a time, in the little cubby hole at the back.  He likes to sit on the couch and watch French language cop shows.

Niagara Falls –  Relaxing at Boston Pizza, watching people wander the fun parlours and freak shows.  Don’t they know they’re just three minutes walk from one of the most spectacular sights in the world?  They’re eating expensive ice creams.

Lake Louise – Trying to get a coffee in the Fairmont so we can sit and watch the sun setting over the beautiful lake. “Are you guests at the hotel?”  Maybe we’ll have better luck at the little café with no view.

Whistler – booking way early at the Old Spaghetti Factory because it’s the only place in town where you can afford a great meal.  Sooo good.  We’ll be back tomorrow night for sure.

Vancouver – Ah, Vancouver, that great cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures. – Chuckling at the incongrous “live lobsters – halves” sign in the T&T supermarket – and again when the guy at the Mexican restaurant speaks to us in Spanish because we say “Hola” back to him – and yet again at the Night Market when I very nearly bought Nanette a Taiwanese kimchi wrap (just a tad too spicy).  I’d get some squid balls but the line-up is too long. – Finding that A&W do lettuce wrap versions of all their tasty yummy burgers.  And, they have great root beer.  Everyone kicks a goal. – Picking blackberries fresh from bushes beside the road.  Thorny.  A bit sour.  Hope there’s no bugs mixed in.  – Fish and chips beside the beach at White Rock.  Service is slow, but the view of sunset over the US shore makes it all worthwhile.  – Trying all sorts of new foods with the family.  Who’da thought I would enjoy eating ground beef from a scooped out yellow capsicum?  Or eat spaghetti squash instead of rice.

And the crowning piece?  Well, I volunteered to cook dinner the other night.  I reckon I’m now such a seasoned foodie that I ask the ladies if they want me to make something exotic. “No, just stick with the barbeque.  We know you can handle that.”  Ok, something exotic, on the barbeque.


The summer night market is a must see for foodies

And a few more randoms


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