Disconnected – Brookings Oregon

Brookings, OR

Brookings, OR

We’re really enjoying our mini version of the great American road trip. Part of the thrill is we literally don’t know what’s around the next bend. True, we have booked accommodation at points that break the journey into (biggish) bite-sized chunks, but other than that we have no agenda. An extra bonus for me is that we also don’t have any data connection anywhere other than our overnight stops. We can’t Google, and especially can’t ask all our social media friends as we go along so, when we look at something amazing and say, “I wonder what that’s called”, we never really find out.

The only downside is we occasionally get caught out by little things like, say, the Pacific summer weather. By that, I mean the Fog (they pronounce the capital F here).

We wake today full of anticipation. As I mentioned yesterday, our room has a great view out over the ocean, and the visitors book on the table has been ‘casually’ left open by our mysterious host at a recent entry where the visitors raved about their fantastic experience watching whales frolic close by. With great anticipation we throw open the blinds to greet the panorama of – well – nothing. As far as the eye can’t see, there is a dense swirling mist.

Now, we face a dilemma. Do we sit around and try to wait it out, or hit the road and risk missing all that amazing scenery we’ve been reading about? Google says that this area enjoys rain all winter, and cool foggy days throughout summer. Two different weather sites tell us the fog has a ‘high probability’ of lifting by noon. Trip Advisor tells us we need to get going otherwise we won’t get a park close to the Sea-lion cave a ways down the coast. That is, of course, if we ignore the reviews posted by fellow travellers who felt they didn’t get their money’s worth, and say they really don’t understand how Mary6745 could possibly give the place four stars. What to do, what to do?

We eventually opt for a compromise – have a relaxing cup of coffee, take our time showering and packing, then see what comes.

…. It’s now late evening. We were due to arrive at our B&B in Brookings about half an hour ago, and we can’t call because there’s no cell phone reception on this part of the coast. We’re late because we just had to pull over time and time again to admire the breathtaking spots along this spectacular coast. Sure we’ve been in and out of fog at the most unexpected places, and yes, the DQ at Florence Oregon has the sloooowest fast food in the world, but it’s just been great. Wonder what’s around the corner tomorrow.

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