If I were like that – Oregon

If I were like that
Klamath Falls, OR

Klamath Falls, OR

I’ve heard that all some people write about in their travel stories is the food. Well, we’re not like that. If we were, I would probably open with the story of the great meal we had last night at the Black Trumpet Restaurant in Brookings Oregon. I’d go on about the way the two brothers that run the place could easily pass for Australians if only they could get the accent right. Then – I’d probably mention breakfast.

This is the first of our B&B stays to get the second ‘B’ right. The last two places haven’t offered breakfast, but have instead provided an assortment of bars and snacks in the rooms on a sort of ‘choose your own adventure’ basis. Today, we’re in the dining room along with a couple from Texas, who really wanted to go to ‘Banff Canada’, but just couldn’t get rooms, and a lady from Portland Oregon. Over our courses of hot tinned peaches, followed by French toast with maple syrup and mixed melons and berries, we learn that the Texans did the ‘doon buggies’ yesterday, and are off jet boat riding today, and Portland lady is meeting her cousin for a tour of the nearby maximum security prison before making a quick dash over the California border to buy liquor. “It’s so much cheaper than here in Oregon you know.” Makes our little trip through the country sound kind of boring.

Anyways, if I was one of those ‘food people’, I’d most likely continue on to tell you about lunch. We’ve made a spontaneous decision to detour a bit further down the coast than we need so we can visit the giant redwood forests. The drive down has been amazing, and we have not only stopped a few times along the way to just stare in awe at these huge and ancient trees, but we’ve also spent a fun hour or so at a tourist place called Trees of Mystery. All that forest walking and gondola riding can make you hungry, so we better grab something at the gift store. What? No food? No problem, we’ll just risk our lives trying to cross Highway 101 on foot and get something at the, surprise surprise, Tree Café over the road.

Then, there’s that dangerous time around mid-afternoon when you’ve been driving for a few hours, the scenery is fairly dull, and you just feel like a nap. Better find us some coffee! We’ve left the coast and wound along Highway 199 over the mountains into mid-west Oregon. Not much happens in this part of the world, so the little settlements all look a bit worse for wear. “How about that place?” – No, closed. “What about that one?” “You really want to pull up beside that guy undoing the wheel nuts on his truck with his teeth?” “Hmm, maybe not.” Finally, we reach the metropolis of Grant’s Pass and find a fairly reputable looking gas station that also sells good coffee. We convince the girl we only want the ‘small’ sixteen ounce size, and part with a total of four dollars for two cups and a chocolate bar. Now, just head down the I-5 then Highway 97 and we should be there in another two hours.

…. Klamath Falls at last. Our host Jim is an interesting guy who has worked in Australia doing little marketing deals like sponsoring winning AFL teams and race car drivers. He’s just finishing a story when his wife Jane, who may have heard it all before, interrupts. “You know guys, what I really love is food. Have you eaten yet?

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